History Of Limo in Miami

Since the dawn of time, there have always been alternative ways for the wealthy and the special to travel. Ways that weren’t intended for the lower classes. Today, we live in a generally classless society, with our stratification made not through birth, but through our social status as defined by wealth and power. The limo has always been a powerful symbol of that power. Whenever you see one on the road, your first thought—however fleeting—is that it must be someone important, perhaps even a celebrity. The truth is that these luxury cars are usually rented by everyday people, for special occasions. The limo has a rich history as well, and can be traced back in some form all the way to the 1700s.my latest blog post limo service in Miami.

It all started with the advent of horse drawn carriages. While today we see these as novelties or outmoded methods of transportation used only by those societies that shun electricity and modern conveniences, they were once the province of the powerful. Gilded in gold, with only the finest stallions pulling the weight, it’s not hard to make the argument that these were the first true form of the car.

The first version of today’s modern limo came in the early 1900s. These were automobiles that carried their VIP passengers in separate covered compartments in the back. Keep in mind that in those days, few if any automobiles came with a roof. It was these covered compartments that actually gave birth to their name. They resembled the cloaked hoods of those who lived in the French commune city of Limoges.

From there, it was only a small matter of change to bring us to the first “stretch”. These lengthened automobiles were originally developed in the roaring 20s to provide a safe and effective method of transportation for big band leaders and their instruments. Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman were among the notable first passengers in these expensive cars.

Things changed in the 1930s. Celebrities from Hollywood and other important figures caught on to the trend of traveling in style. Major car companies began producing the limo on a much more widespread basis and their use became ubiquitous. Throughout the remainder of the 20th century, these cars were used by Hollywood royalty as well as urban businessmen on their way back from the airport. As companies began to compete for business, the cars began to be fitted with a number of luxuries, such as a bar , televisions, and telephone service. Today, these fine automobiles are still advancing, and are sure to be a big part of the coming decades.